16-17 November 2017 Tilburg


Presentations () are each assigned 30 minutes, but we encourage you to leave 10 minutes for
questions and discussion, whereas Lighting Talks () have 2 minutes.
Please note that both the presentations and demos are BYOL (bring your own laptop).

Welcome & Morning Coffee

Welcome: Menno van Zaanen

Session 1: Vision & Language

Chair: Robert Grimm

Coffee Break

Session 2: Neural Health

Chair: Madhumita Sushil


Session 3: Stylometry

Chair: Bart Desmet

Lightning Talks

Chair: Florian Kunneman

Coffee Break + Poster and Demo Session

Tour Nature Museum (EN)

Dinner & Social Activity

Morning Coffee

Session 4: Text Mining

Chair: Bram Willemsen

Coffee Break

Invited Talk: Dr. Malvina Nissim

Chair: Menno Van Zaanen


Session 5: Fun with Text

Chair: Lieke Gelderloos

Closing Remarks & Drinks


Malvina Nissim

Assistant Professor at
Faculty of Arts, Language Technology — Computational Linguistics, University of Groningen

Dr. Malvina Nissim has a background in linguistics and computational linguistics. She is interested in understanding how (natural) language works, and does so also with the aid of digital resources and tools. At the same time, she's contributing to creating tools which help process texts. In 2016 she was awarded with the title "University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year".


Conference Will Be Held At

The Nature Museum Brabant

Located directly in front of the Central Station, the museum has existed for more than 80 years and still attracts many visitors every year.

Spoorlaan 434,5038 CH, Tilburg

Practical Info

By Car

The museum offers a 24h parking (exit) ticket for €4,50 if you park at Parkeergarage Knegtel (Gasthuisring 60, 5041 DT, Tilburg).

During ATILA

Our hotel recommendations:
Mercure Hotel (Heuvelpoort 300)
City Hotel Tilburg (Heuvelring 126)
Bed & Breakfast de Burgerij (Noordstraat 87-89)

By Train

After exiting the station on the left side after the gates, turn right after crossing the street and walk until you see the building on your left-hand side. It's in front of the station's bus stops.


Chris Emmery
Lisa Hilte
Giovanni Cassani
Madhumita Sushil
Robert Grimm
Walter Daelemans
Charlotte Hansart
Ben Verhoeven
Pieter Fivez
Simon Suster
Tim Kreutz
Mike Kestemont
Pietro Nurzia

Chris Emmery
Akos Kadar
Martin Reynaert
Rianne Conijn
Chris van der Lee
Lieke Gelderloos
Grzegorz Chrupala
Bram Willemsen
Jan de Wit
Thiago Castro Ferreira
Sander Wubben
Drew Hendrickson
Maira Brandao Carvalho
Menno van Zaanen
Martin Atzmüller
Max Louwerse
Afra Alishahi
Parisa Shayan

Bram Vanroy
Laura Van Brussel
Claudia Matos Veliz
Orphee De Clercq
Ayla Rigouts Terryn
Bart Desmet
Els Lefever
Luna De Bruyne
Gilles Jacobs
Lieve Macken
Véronique Hoste

Ko van der Sloot
Martin Reynaert
louis onrust
Maarten van Gompel
Iris Hendrickx
Florian Kunneman
Merijn Beeksma
Mustafa Erkan Basar
Antal van den Bosch
Ali Hürriyetoğlu
Tim Voets